How do I pick the right pen?

Updated: Jan 20

The difference between the .3 and the .5 size Hyaluron pen is simply the amount of product the device will hold at a time.

The .5 is a slightly larger ampule and holds a bit more product than the .3 size .

Both .5 and .3 pens are the exact same actual size in your hand. (Besides the xs and smaller body types )

We recommend a .3 for treating small areas that require more detail : fine lines & wrinkles, lips etc.

We recommend the .5 for larger areas where you may need more product to cover more surface area: jawline or fat dissolve treatment that may take several ampule refills and not as much precision .

The DUAL Hyaluron pen has a head attachment that makes the pen .3 and .5 compatible.

This is a nice and convenient option if you are planning on treating all areas large and small.

Note that all of our certified hyaluron pen models are tested with a 3 point testing system to ensure proper pressure for penetration.





Models: XS, GOLD & ROSE GOLD XS, ULTRA- up to 7mm depth

Models : BULLETPROOF , NINJA , DUAL- up to 8mm depth having a slightly larger product distribution circumference upon entering the skin meaning a “wider spray area” than the smaller models mentioned above that tend to distribute product in more of a straight line into the skin.