Updated: May 3, 2020

💋What’s the difference from needle injections?   HyaPen is designed for beauty therapists, no medical qualifications are required.

 💋HyaPen is Needle Free system, great for clients or therapists that have a needle phobia. HyaPen will not need a special treatment license or contract for sharps disposal, as no sharps are used during treatment.

  💋HyaPen is consideres by most a painless procedure - great for people with low pain threshold.

  💋HyaPen does not require the use of anesthetic 

  💋HyaPen gives an opportunity to use as little or as much product as you need, as you can split syringes and store product . This makes the treatment more cost-effective. 

  💋HyaPen will give the most natural lip & skin plump with minimal bruising, bleeding or needle marks. 

 💋HyaPen is the safest system, and unlikely to can cause any severe complications, such as Vascular Occlusion. 

💋HyaPen training is more affordable than the classic injectable course.

💋How does it work? And does it work?? Yes , HyaPen device shoots product straight into your skin through pressure without a needle.  It works by injecting the product at pressures high enough that the very fine stream of liquid can penetrate the skin. (Imagine a water gun with a stream powerful enough to enter your skin.)

It is recommended to use a 20 mg or less molecular size cross linked dermal filler with the Hyaluron pen. Lidocaine products are not recommended.

💋What treatments can you offer? Many products can be used with HyaPen: You can use cross-linked and non-cross-linked Derma fillers for filling lips and superficial lines, you can use any Mesotherapy products, vitamins, whiteners, hyaluronic acid & fat dissolve.s.


Please be advised that if you are shipping into another country from the USA then your country may add a tax onto your products when crossing through customs. This is a tax duty that is specific to your stat