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The no refund policy is in place for a couple reasons :

Reason 1: We test each device with a 3 part testing system so we are 100% certain that the pen functioning as it should be you receive it. This way if you are having issues and need assistance we know to automatically address other things such as product selection, technique , ampule issues etc. The treatment takes practice and we can not  be refunding customers or trying to change out pens while they are still learning the device , which products they do like , which products do not prefer per area and developing their technique for treatment.

Reason 2- Customers  should have a realistic expectation of the Hyaluron treatment. Some may not and may expect to be able to create Angelina Jolie lips after one treatment! They may feel that maybe with a different Hyaluron pen they may be able to do so.

Just like a doctors visit for fillers any area that we input hyaluronic acid filler must be “built” over time, especially if the customer is going for a look with a lot of volume.

Anyone who has had fillers in the past from a doctor knows and understands that if you visit your doctor and request super large dramatically full lips on the first treatment they will let you know that it is not possible in one treatment. You must refill often and work to build the lips up to that look.

The hyalron pen treatment is a PLUMPING treatment , it is not the same as a deep needle injection filler treatment.

No refunds will be given on shipping for any reason.

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