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Stem Cells , Exosomes & Growth Factors

We have all heard about the many types of human stem cells. Plant stem cells , human stem cells , embryonic stem cells. Believe us …

We get so many questions !

What is the difference ? Why is one more costly than the other ? Can we benefit from EFG if we are already using a Stem Cell?

There’s a lot to talk about !

We want you to know that we  are not just skincare product lovers , but also obsessive researchers here at LuxLab .

We put time and effort into understanding every ingredient and selecting every product that we carry on site .

Stem Cells , Growth Factors and Exosomes have been our focus heading into 2023 as you can see from the edition of new products like Pepdiva , Curestem, D’Lexo PDX2 and Derma EZ jet! So we thought we would share some of our findings and why we decided to contract for these specific items for you all.

Firstly yes ! Just becuse you are using a Stem Cell this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting proper growth factors in your treatment.

Stem cells turn into growth factors through the proper delivery system . With so many “stem cell” products on the beauty market we can guarantee many of them will not be Stem Cells-  delivery system included :)  However , technology does come at a price. To keep us simple… Stem Cells for a very low price are stem cells missing the correct molecule combination for this system.

Exosomes- the delivery system .

Exosomes are smart nanospheres (similar to liposomes, but operate more efficiently), with an innate ability to easily diffuse through tissues, seek out target cells, and pass the brain-blood barrier. Without a stability system, growth factors will fall apart in the bottle or on the skin. 

What types of stem cells are there ?

  • Embryonic stem cells. These stem cells come from embryos that are 3 to 5 days old. At this stage, an embryo is called a blastocyst and has about 150 cells.

  • Adult stem cells. These stem cells are found in small numbers in most adult tissues, such as bone marrow or fat. Compared with embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells have a more limited ability to give rise to various cells of the body.

  • Adult cells altered to have properties of embryonic stem cells.Scientists have successfully transformed regular adult cells into stem cells using genetic reprogramming. By altering the genes in the adult cells, researchers can reprogram the cells to act similarly to embryonic stem cells.

  • Perinatal stem cells. Researchers have discovered stem cells in amniotic fluid as well as umbilical cord blood. These stem cells have the ability to change into specialized cells.

Ok .. so that’s a lot about Stem Cells . We are seeing them everywhere! But how do we know a particular product is special ?

Through years of extensive research we now know that stem cells are not created equally to say the least in regards efficacy in skincare.

We also now know that multiple stem cell types coordinate their activities to release multiple distinct pools of stem cell released molecules (SRM).  This is crucial information.

The multiple pools of molecules are known as S²RM®.  These multiple pools act together synergistically to initiate and maintain the healing process.

This is a natural stem cell process within our bodies that induces maintenance and healing effects.

Lucky for us a handful of companies who specialize in StemCells are utilizing this body of knowledge, coupled with advanced  biotechnology  in laboratories, to develop products that are biomimetic  and induce homeostatic renormalization of the stem cell niche and the natural stem cell processes in the skin.

We call this “reverse engineering” the adult stem cell maintenance and healing processes in the human body.

This reverse engineering process is being used develop the most advanced S²RM® technology used in skin Korean care products today.

We have also learned that each stem cell type can exist in many different “states” and this is critical to their function!

Technologies whereby specific combinations of stem cell types, with each type cultured under specific state-dependent conditions can now be formulated into skincare products. Using cell types and states that are relevant to the particular tissue and indication, creates a unique set of molecules from multiple stem cell types called S²RM® that is complete and fully formed thereby rendering maximum therapeutic benefit.

What this means for us is that stem cells can now be cultured more effectively , so that the molecules are fully processed and released by the cell. This allows the S²RM® molecules to be complete, in their natural form, and to be packaged into exosomes . Let’s think of the exosome as the body’s own protective nano-sphere.

It is a “smart liposome” that provides targeting and delivery characteristics to the S²RM®.

For example, the proteins in S²RM® are folded in their native 3-dimensional configuration, have all of their native moiety groups attached, and are packaged into the exosomes for the purposes of protection, targeting, and delivery to surrounding cells. The complete set of molecules, all of which are fully formed, work significantly better than the technology previously used where  malformed and incomplete sets of molecules are used to develop products.

What this means for you?  In a nutshell… Not only do we have our original basic Stem Cell ampules like TACS TOAS , but We are now sourcing products with the “complete set of molecules” for you! We are not giving you one piece of the puzzle , but the whole puzzle with new products like Pepdiva and D’Lexo PDX2. The cellular delivery system (exosome) is included in the formulation!

Hope you enjoy!!

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