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Redcoo Leaf Alage Peel is a rare needle sponge extract from the fresh water of Jeju Island ,South Korea.


The spicule needles enter the deep layer of the epidermis to create micro injury forcing the body to produce new collagen to repair acne scars and texture issues . The needle spicules dissolve after 24 hrs within the dermis giving a signal to begin collagen induction . Spicules reactivate fibroblasts and elastin is signaled to repair .


The peel uses the same technology as micro-needling without the blood or downtime .


The algae extract is an organic substance used for centuries by Koreans to target pigmentation and revitalize dull

skin . The Algae Spicule peel is popular due to its gentle but effective 2-3 day completion of cellular turnover to healed time period.


Blend Vial 1 with Vial 2 in a bowl and apply to the skin using a silicone brush. Wearing gloves massage into the skin and let sit for 5-8 minutes before rinsing.


Apply the Centella/ Squalane Soothing Serum directly after the peel and each morning for 1 week or until gone.


Apply the Stem Cell Extract at bedtime for 1 week or until gone.


The skin will look pink for a 2-4 hrs and the top layers will gently slough off for 2-3 days in the shower leaving a noticably more vibrant healthy glowy skintone.



Included :

1vial-Algae Peel Spicule Needle Powder

1vial- Hyaluronic Acid, Peptide serum

1vial ,3ml - PostCare Soothing Centella Serum

1vial ,3ml -bed time Stem Cell Extract

1 pair gloves

1 silicone application brush

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