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Elaxen PDRN


6.6 ml

(2.2ml x 3 )


PDRN . PolyDeoxyRiboNucleotide, is an ingredient derived from the DNA of salmon. Salmon DNA is used in mesotherapy because of its proven ability to repair and rejuvenate at a cellular level.


Clinical studies have shown that salmon DNA has an excellent effect on cell growth and tissue regeneration. It also improves skin elasticity, texture and hydration.


Our cells naturally contain DNA repair enzymes , however they tend to become inactive as we age and by the age of 30 these enzymes are basically inactive. This is why around this age one can expect to start seeing the signs of aging appear . Wrinkles, pigmentation issues , acne scarring, dull and uneven skin tone , dehydration, large pores, and skin laxity all are the effect of DNA repair enzyme shortage in the body.


Polynucleotide aids the dermal layer of the skin to regenerate, increases skin elasticity, and reverses the signs of aging.


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