Includes EZ injector  +5 pin & 9 pin needle cartridge .

5 Needle: Fixed 1.5mm 2.0mm head 

9 Needle: 0-2.5mm adjustable head 

EZ injector uses a vacuum pressure design to easily inject products into the skin. This device can be used by professionals, clinicians and home users. 
The machine draws in the skin around the surrounding needles for an evenly spaced accurate product distribution. 
* Treats skin dryness and dehydration
* Increases skin elasticity
* Shrinks appearance of pores  
* Future wrinkle prevention
* Stimulates new cell growth
* Collagen production 
* Repairs wrinkles , fine lines or scarring 
* Retexturize  & resurfaces problem areas 
* Improves skin laxity 

For use with the EZ Injector :
( do not used crosslinked dermal filler in device)

Needle Type:
5 Needle, 9 Needle

Needle Depth	
5 Needle: Fixed 1.5mm 9 Needle: 0-2.5mm adjustable
Speed Mode	5 level ( continuous ); 6 level ( dose )
Max Speed	250 times/min
Vacuum Flow	25L/min
Vacuum Pressure	0-80Kpa
Display	1.5 inch OLED Screen
Output Power	5W
Voltage	AC110V-220V/50Hz-60Hz
Weight	45KGS( NW) / 65KGS ( GW


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