Kabelline Upregulates Lipolysis, inhibits Lipogenesis
and be applied to every parts that have fat. 

For fat reduction, correction of double chin, jawline , neck, and skin tightening. 

Much like “Kybella “, this NewFace Laboratories’ product safely improves the contour of the face by effectively metabolizing fat. 

It stimulates the body’s metabolism to quickly tackle lipids in the body. 

Kabelline also has tightening properties for skin laxity when microneedled. 

* Ingredients :  
Water , 5% Deoxycholic Acid, L-carnatine , Hydrochloride. 

* Treatment protocol: a maximum of 6 treatments
 (1 treatment per week, 8-10ml per treatment)* 

Country of origin: South Korea*

Package size: 5 x1 vial of 8ml= 40 total ml

Finally we can “spot reduce “ !  With the help of Deoxycholic Acid, it triggers a natural lipolytic process, encouraging the organism to dissolve fatty acids stored in the target treatment zones.

Effective for Face & Body slimming the Synthetically derived Deoxycholic Acid dismantles the cell membrane of fat and effectively breaks down fat cells.

Kabelline inhibits inflammatory cytokine.

Upregulation of β-oxidation L-Carnitine helps to transfer fatty acids into mitochondria for β-oxidation. It inhibits re-accumulation of fat.