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INCLUDED: Large Full Body Size Red Light

USB Operation wire remote AC/DC Adapter Input AC100-240V~ 50/60Hz 0.5 LED TypeNear Infra-Red WavelengthsR*660nm / NI*850nmThis cutting-edge Nasa-developed technology is the ultimate anti- aging treatment with intense light emitting diodes to help increase the production of collagen, reverse skin laxity and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.NIR bulbs /deeper wavelength for maximum depth and anti- aging efficacy. *The NIR are a specific bulb differing from the regular red LED. The NIR strip may not be visible to the naked eye. This strip will look as though it is not turned on on the panel . This appearance is normal and as expected for NIR bulbs *Use for hard to reach areas on the body or face . Treat larger areas at once . Wrap for abdomen, legs, back , neck , arms, gluteus. Wrap head for facelift ear scar treatment , hairline hair growth.Lay along backside to treat neck, back & gluteus pain all at once . Stats:660nm - 850nm 105 pt led panel20 watt49.6 inches x 7.08 inches

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