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Lumena PiQ05



Kit Includes:

•Lumena Unit

•USB compatible charging cord

•10g Vitamin A& D repair emollient,

•1 pair Client non transparent eyewear

•1 pair Tech transparent protective eyewear

•English User Manual in PDF form.

(USB power supply charging plug not included. Will work with any USB plug)



Picosecond technology was cleared by Food and Drug Administration in 2012 and enhanced our ability to clear both pigmentation and dermal ink through a photomechanical impact created in the tissue that also induces collagen production .


This impact created is greater than comparative nanotechnology and can be accomplished with lower fluences and smaller pulse durations.

Contains a diffractive lens array (FOCUS lens) technology and has been proven to yield skin rejuvenation effects by stimulating elastin and collagen through photomechanical and photoacoustic effects as opposed to the traditional photothermal tissue effects.


Treatment Scope:

1. Endogenous pigments:

Softens the appearance of coffee spots, freckles, post-inflammatory pigmentationsun spots


2. Exogenous pigments: tattoos, tattooed eyebrows, tattooed eyeliners, tattooed lip lines


3. Skin rejuvenation:

Tighten pores, lighten spots, whitening, evening skin tone, Collagen & Elastin Production, Skin Laxity, blackhead removal and oil control


*always have moles and skin irregularities checked by your doctor before treating them *


*Recommended for all skin types on the Fitzpatrick Scale


*Not recommended for

•pregnant or breastfeeding

•viral or bacterial infections

•Prior or current malignancies



Diode/ wavelength 473-530nm

(blue-green tone)

* multifocal diffractive lens /

(DOE) diffractive optical element that allows a single beam to be simultaneously administered at multiple positions along the propagation


**no returns on this item**

  • Legal Disclaimer

    For Topical and Cosmetic Use Only.

    The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficiency of these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and are not intended for injectable use. Items sold on Lux lip Lab are intended only for superficial application , non medical practice or cosmetic use only. Lux Lip Lab LLC herby disclaims all use of any products not in accordance with these terms of service.

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