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KFDA approved Korean LUXX GOLD G-Line Semi - Permanent Mega Volume Polydioxanone Threads 99.9% GOLD 20pcs per package LUXX SERIES is the premium PDO thread brand in Seoul Korea produced for aesthetic purposes . The technique of gold implantation is known to have been used by the queens of ancient Egypt in 5,000 B.C. Tiny pieces of gold, in the form of thread or filaments, are found in all queen’s mummies of ancient Egypt.Gold thread lifting works by creating a fibrotic or foreign body reaction, over approximately 6 months, around a mesh, fan or lattice pattern of gold threads, placed just under the surface of the skin, which leads to skin thickening, improved skin elasticity, and tightening or lifting of the tissues. This is due to the stimulating effect that the threads have within the tissues which causes new collagen formation – a process called neocollagenesis. The closer the threads are placed in the pattern or fan, the tighter any achievable lift or volume in the area. The aim of Gold treatment is thicken the skin through this process of neocollagenesis and thus improve the elasticity, firmness, thickness and suppleness of the area. Although considered a more permanent option than some thread or suture products, slow fragmentation of the threads is known to happen with partial resorption by phagocytosis, where the body absorbs the threads over time. This will not be obvious to the individual and the new collagen structure will remain in place.Size Selection Available* 13mm • 25mm • 38mm *tip - smaller threads are always more tedious . Be careful when remove cap. Pop the cap first , then remove. Do not remove all in one motion. Not suitable for people with an active infection, malignancy, autoimmune disease.*We do NOT replace lost or misused or accidental lost threads .  Area: All, Undereye, Forehead , Lip Body, Vermillion Border, Philthrum, Temple, Acne scars, Cheeks , Neck, Chest , Chin
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