PLASMA LIFT - Fibroblast device

PLASMA LIFT - Fibroblast device

Plasma Lift Device Included:3 long tips and 1 copper tip.The device uses a new generation of plasma micro district discharge technology with low temperature and high frequency , which is  efficient capacity conversion material and chip control . Lightly graze the needle close to the skin surface to produce plasma with high temperature as 2000 °C immediately.The area will carbonize creating a controlled burn. This controlled plasma treatment then creates a tightening effect and causes collagen to be produced at a faster rate to repair the burn injury .The spot treated will be solidified quickly without bleeding during the treatment.Then it will form carbon scab which protects the wound skin from infection. After 5 -10 days the dot/scab will shed without scar and the benefits will begin. Collagen production begins at 8-10 weeks after treatment. Tightening can be seen immediately after treatment. Post Care:Do NOT touch or pick dots . Do not apply topicals until dots have fallen off. Keep dots dry until they fall off. Spray with colloidal silver spray for faster healing. Stay out of all sun and apply sunblock. Uses•Lip Flip•Wrinkle reduction or removal•Freckle &mole removal•Improve sagging skin to under chin•lower tummy•jowels •eyelids•scars•acne scars•skin texture •large pores •breast When treating wrinkles do not treat inside the line. Treat both sides with random pattern. Do not create spots in a perfect line. Included: Plasma Lift Device :3 long tip/1 short tip/ charger /instruction booklet


1-10 Treatments may be needed according to skin quality & laxity .

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