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Rejuran Healer4 ml total mesotherapy product -

2 x 2ml syringe , no needles

Rejuran Healer is a novel , top of the market Korean skin treatment that contains Salmon DNA in ultra-fine molecules known as polynucleotides (PN). It is used to rejuvenate and heal the skin making it smooth, supple and dewy looking.It is also known as different names such as PRRN Therapy, Miracle Healer.

PDRN also triggers wound healing on damaged or ageing skin. It was first discovered in South Korea and is now extremely popular also in Japan, Singapore and the rest of Asia.

Rejuran works by delivering a biological, physiochemical and mechanical effects to the akin.

The growth factors in Rejuran stimulate wound healing and improves micro circulation.

Rejuran has strong anti-inflammatory effects that rid the skin of free radicals and inflammatory cytokines. Finally, PN / PDRN acts as a structural scaffold so that fibroblasts can growth and produce regenerative effects.Rejuran activates the skin’s ability to self-regenerate, produce new healthy cells , stimulates collagen production, and controls excessive sebum production so that the oil to moisture balance of the skin returns to a healthy state.

Treatment areas:* Forehead and Cheek* Neck and Jawline* Acne Scars* Eye area* Hands* Stretch marksFor : * Skin texture improvements, minimized pores* Smoothens fine lines and wrinkles* Improvement in acne scars, surgical scars & stretch marks* Improves skin elasticity and rejuvenates saggy skin* Lightens dark eye circles* Safe, biocompatible & natural yet undeniable results

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