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Synatox Viper Venom Anti-Wrinkle Ampule

SynSyn® -Ake Peptide is a patented ingredient developed by Pentaparm, a cosmetic ingredient research company in Switzerland, and won the SWISS TECHNOLOGY AWARD Bio Division in 2006.

It has an excellent effect on relaxing and diminishing wrinkles. It is called the 6th generation peptide. The patented ingredient has attracted global attention from anti-aging scientists and doctors all over the world and is ranked amongst the top 3 groundbreaking ingredients in the skin care for 2022 by the European Cosmetics Union.

STYNATOKS prevents the formation of wrinkles by inhibiting the absorption of sodium ions by the muscles similar to the way that Botox binds with neuroreceptors to freeze the muscle .

Due to this sensational popularity, it is recently used as the main component of the most influential anti-aging cosmetics in Europe and the United States.

This Syn® -Ake Peptide is a lab produced compound made by imitating the toxin of Waglerin 1 . Among poisons possessed by the temple viper (Scientific name: Tropido-laemus wagleri, type of Viper Snake). The Waglerin 1 venom is broken down molecule by molecule and copied in exact form with lab produced molecular components to create a mirror image molecular structure.

It is well known that the famous Cleopatra VII Philopator, queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt would have snake venom applied to her face to stay free of wrinkles. She was known for her flawless, never aging skin even up until her death on August 1, 30

Alexandria, Egypt

* Assemble Synatoks 0.5 ~ 1 vial into HydraPen or Crystal Meso tip system

* 1st treatment : (depths in 1.2~2 mm range )and treat face with 1 full vile .

* 2nd Treatment : Sm (depths in 2~3mm range )and treat face once every 2 weeks .

I vile per treatment.

  • Treatment:


    •Nano- .25 Micro-needle

    •Ex 8 Cell Matrix


    •Ez Injector

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