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TCA KIT - 26pcs

TCA KIT - 26pcs



3 vial , 15ml TCA- choice of 7/13/20%

5 ml Vial 0.25 TretA Prep Cream Gel

1 mini product spatula

2 pair pink gloves

4 gauge pads

10 individual alcohol pads

3 x 5ml e tubes A,D & E postcare gel

*Detailed English directions

1, 5ml bottle TCA will treat approx 2 -3 areas (depending on size of area & # of passes )

Full kit will treat approx face, neck , hands & chest 2-3 x

Trichloroacetic Acid, often referred to as TCA, is an effective chemical agent used to exfoliate and renew the skin on a superficial to deep level. TCA is commonly applied to the face, neck, décolleté, hands and legs. In addition, TCA is also an excellent “spot treatment” and can be used to exclusively peel isolated areas of the skin.

- Targets deep wrinkles and scars

- Improves and lifts sagging skin

- Helps even out texture issues

- Addresses uneven skin tone / discoloration.


It is important to note that with applying the 20% TCA peel, it is highly recommended to first begin building up the skin's tolerance by using the TCA 7% or 10% concentration first with good result.

The TCA 20% concentration is not recommended for darker skin tones due to increased risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

30% TCA is for spot treating scars or body ONLY. Do NOT use on face.

7% is recommended for beginners and around eye treatment.


TCA is a deeper penetrating peel than AHA or BHA peels as it exfoliates the skin more rapidly upon initial contact. TCA peels are recommended for a range of skin conditions from breakouts, expression lines, wrinkles, discoloration, stretch marks and tone concerns. This is a highly effective acid that addresses most aging and environmental skin issues.



Before treatment, prep the skin for a week prior to peel application with a daily exfoliator such as Glycolic 10% or Retinoid. Begin with a 7% or 13% TCA for your first peel. Move up to a 20% after 4 weeks for your second treatment .


Stop using the active 3 days prior to treatment .


It is strongly recommended to conduct a patch test 3 days before applying a peel to ensure no negative reactions occur.

Dip a gauze pad inTCA solution and cover the face avoiding the eye and mouth area .

Allow TCA to “frost “ When a white frost is seen in all areas gently pat the face with a wet cloth. Do NOT rub or wipe any treated area .


After treatment, generously apply daily aquaphor or Emu oil as needed for relief from tight, dry skin. Do Not or peel off the already peeling skin. Keep out of all sun. Use a minimum of broad spectrum SPF 50 every day to protect healing skin, reapplying SPF every 2-3 hours.



Moderate - Varies according to individual skin traits and TCA concentrations.

Skin peeling and flaking is to be expected within a 7 to 10 day recuperation period. New skin can remain pink for several weeks until normal skin tone is returned.

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    For Topical and Cosmetic Use Only.

    The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficiency of these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and are not intended for injectable use. They are intended for non medical practice or cosmetic use only. Lux Lip Lab LLC herby disclaims all use of any products not in accordance with these terms of service.

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