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VITA •Cell ATP Protectant and LED accelerator with glutathione & niacinamide .



Ingredients :

Glycerin, Water, Organic Camellia Sinensis pure (green tea extract ) , glutathione, niacinamide enzymes & phenoxyethanol

Pure Green tea extract is known to strengthen critical proteins like collagen and elastin .

Research has found that the catechin in green tea kills harmful microorganisms that cause damage to the skin.

Vita • CELL is formulated through a unique, proprietary process that makes the extract completely free from unnatural compounds.

This Extract will maximize the effectiveness of your LED and Microcurrent devices without risking an excess of free radicals.

Alcohol and heat are not used in processing to avoid denaturization.

Water and glycerin are used as the natural bioactive solvents.

The raw plant materials used in the formulation are never exposed to high temperatures during the entire drying process.

Heat and alcohol denature (KILL) the bioactive properties of the plant materials .

Temperature over 106 degrees Fahrenheit denatures proteins and critically essential enzymes. Most plants used for extracts are heat dried after harvesting so are not authentically "raw".

Most manufacturers use high temperature extraction methods, again denaturing the bioactive properties of the plant material.

Organic grown green tea plants are selected so that the soil is free from dangerous chemicals.

Vita • Cell is also a barrier support serum with 40% glycerin 40% Pure Green Tea . The serum may be used alone to support the skin barrier , hydrate and protect as well as with your LED , Cold Plasma or Microcurrent modality for the perfect , non sticky glide during the whole treatment session.

Most conductive gels have harmful ingredients and get sticky and tacky when exposed to friction or heat . This carefully formulated serum will remain perfectly silky throughout your treatment making it more enjoyable altogether .


More benefits -

In 2009 scientists found that green tea antioxidants combined with NIR LED therapy accelerated the effects of LED Light Therapy by 10x.

The idea of speeding up the effects of any skin rejuvenation treatment is very intriguing . But, what is more important is why using an antioxidant with your LED Light Therapy will help protect your skin from free radical damage caused by high doses of LED light.

How LED Light Therapy works.

The action of LED bulbs have been tested on Mitochondria.

LED light is shown to target the cells in the extracellular matrix. This phenomenon can undo damage that has occurred to structural proteins, lipids and DNA over time.

ATP is a compound found in all animal cells and is responsible for energy within a cell. ATP is produced in the mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells, by the electron transport chain. The more ATP that is found within a cell , the more energy our cells have, to drive all cellular processes, from muscle contraction, to nerve impulses and even protein synthesis, which includes collagen production.

Collagen is the main protein responsible for skin structure and helps to maintain a youthful appearance. Collagen begins drastically decreasing in our later 20s and by the age of 30 our bodies do not produce it any longer .

Loss of collagen leads to fine lines and wrinkles, skin folds and skin sagging. Collagen and elastin are the two ingredients present in ALL youthful skin.

The mechanism by which ATP is produced also releases free radicals. A small amount of free radicals is important for activating signalling pathways, but an excess of free radicals is not beneficial .

Excess free radicals, or Reactive Oxygen Species [ROS], can inhibit cellular processes and lead to a condition of oxidative stress. And prolonged oxidative stress can lead to cell damage and ultimately programmed cell death, also known as apoptosis.

High doses of LED Light Therapy can lead to excess free radicals, so control of ROS levels can be crucial to prevent oxidative damage to cell components.

So, for best results it is necessary to also control the amount of free radicals produced. The best method found to control free radicals than to use a free radical scavenger is in the form of a potent antioxidant.

Green tea is an excellent free radical scavenger. It serves as an antioxidant to undo cell damage caused by free radicals and to increase cell survival rate. LED light therapy and green tea have complementary actions – the red light produces an excess of free radicals and the green tea antioxidant disintegrates them.

Using a pure green tea extract with LED Light Therapy not only drastically accelerates its therapeutic effects by as much as 10x , but more importantly protects your skin from oxidative stress and cell damage.

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